About Us

We're all about the Noise in your ear!

Jarred and I (Dylan) are two cousins that have a love for sports cars and love to modify them and constantly make them faster and more enjoyable to drive and listen to! 

We decided to take that love for these cars and put it into a clothing brand to connect with others that have the same passion for cars, and that's where Noise District Apparel was born!

Our clothing is always based on something we enjoy or just find to be common/funny with the car scene that we enjoy being around. So our clothing can range from being serious about our love for cars, to being just a random funny thought we had that related to the loud car lover lifestyle!

With the car scene constantly evolving, we're constantly growing and modifying as people and as a brand, but we'll always be stuck with that love for the cammed V8 rumble and that whistle of a turbo!

We're always available to talk to whether its just to chat or questions/suggestions on any of our products!

We love to hear your feedback!!


Keep it Noisy and spread the love!